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Holbeck Votes Yes in the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by voters by a margin of 266 to 68. Despite seeing some of the worst weather in years, the vote went ahead and has secured the plan's role as part of the wider Development Plan for Holbeck. It will enable the community to shape the development and growth of the local area and has been in development since 2012, with a number of local residents contributing to its development.

The principles outlined include the desire for:

   -  Good quality and affordable housing
   -  A wide range of shops and services that suit local needs
   -  A safe attractive environment
   -  Thriving local businesses
   -  Better connections for pedestrians cyclists & public transport in the area between Holbeck, the City Centre & adjacent neighbourhoods.

To read more about the referendum, visit South Leeds Life: http://www.southleedslife.com/holbeck-vote-makes-peoples-plan-part-leeds-planning-policy/

To read more about the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan and download an online version, visit http://www.holbeckneighbourhoodplan.org.uk/

Holbeck Air Shot 1963
St Mattthews

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