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Consultation begins on the Draft South Bank Leeds Regeneration Framework and Leeds Integrated Station Masterplan

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Consultation has now started on the draft South Bank Leeds Regeneration Framework Supplementary Planning Document, including the proposed  Leeds Integrated Station Masterplan.

Redeveloping the South Bank area of Leeds will be the biggest change the city has seen in more than a hundred years. We aim to double the economic impact of Leeds city centre by transforming South Bank into a distinctive global destination for investment, sustainable living, learning, creativity and leisure.

We thank all of those who engaged and took part in last year's South Bank, Leeds consultation, which ran from August till December 2016. Feedback and comments have shaped the updated South Bank Leeds Regeneration Framework.

Since the previous consultation, the document has gone through a number of governance processes to become a  Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which now includes a vision for the future redevelopment of Leeds Station.  The SPD will form planning guidance for the whole of South Bank. Once formally adopted by Leeds City Council, the SPD will be a consideration in the determination of planning applications and the delivery of infrastructure in the area.

The SPD can be downloaded here.

The consultation statement can be downloaded here.

As part of this, we would like to again hear your views on the newest form of the draft document; including any comments relating to the Leeds Station masterplan. This next public consultation period began on the 8th of November, running until the 20th of December.

Bishopgate Street

You can take part in our consultation by:

Filling in the questionnaire here

Emailing us at southbank@leeds.gov.uk

Visiting us at our public drop ins

As part of the consultation period, Leeds City Council are running a number of public drop ins during which the public can learn more about the document, ask any questions they may have and provide feedback. The dates and locations of these drop ins are:

• Monday 13th November, 3pm – 6pm, Leeds Station Southern Concourse
• Tuesday 14th November, 3pm - 6:30pm, The Tetley
• Friday 17th November, 12pm – 3pm, Leeds Station South Entrance escalators
• Wednesday 22nd November, 8:30am – 11:30am, Leeds Station South Entrance escalators
• Monday 27th November, 9am – 12pm, Round Foundry Media Centre Atrium
• Tuesday 28th November, 11am – 2pm, Leeds Station Footbridge
• Wednesday 29th November, 4pm – 7pm, Leeds Station Northern Concourse
• Saturday 2nd December, 11am – 2pm, Leeds Station Southern Concourse
• Thursday 7th December, 3pm – 6pm, Leeds Station Footbridge
• Saturday 9th December, 10:30am – 1:30pm, Dock 29, Leeds Dock

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