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The Truth About Creativity – Professor Anna Abraham


Tuesday 7 May 2019, 6:00pm–12:00am


The Northern Monk Refectory
The Old Flax Store
LS11 9YJ

The Truth About Creativity – Professor Anna Abraham event image
This talk by Professor Anna Abraham forms part of our What does it mean to be human – fringe events [https://leedsinternationalfestival.com/event/what-does-it-mean-to-be-human-fringe/]. What is creativity? How do we define it, and who is entitled to call themselves ‘creative’? Is creativity a special ability for a talented few, or a capacity that everyone possesses? Is the right brain the creative brain? Are artists more creative than the rest of us? What are the differences and similarities between the creative processes of a composer, a novelist and a choreographer? Are scientists creative? What about accountants? Is creativity always a good thing? Why is it so hard to be creative? Can I train my brain to become more creative? Do drugs and alcohol enhance creativity? Find out the answers to these questions, and many more, in this fascinating talk on creativity – defining our abilities under its remit, our innate beliefs and reservations about the term, and understanding what it truly means, physiologically and socially, to be creative. _After her talk, Anna will have her book on the subject available for purchase._

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