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Case Study


VISUWALLISE are a collective of expert wall artists, consisting of three alumni illustrators of Leeds Arts University: George Addy, Ian Fulcher & Thomas O’Connor. Specialising in designing and producing large artwork for interior and exterior spaces, their personality pours out whenever they draw, make and do. Squeezing smiles onto people’s faces by creatively funnelling ideas from heads onto walls. Not only painting the Leeds red, but every colour imaginable. Basically Visuwallise get pictures onto walls, legally. Where there’s a wall, there’s a way.

Elmwood 9

Visuwallise recently secured a graduation space at Duke Studios which has led to some quality mentoring and in turn were supplied with some hugely rewarding spaces to renovate. Notably, their Cudbear Street exterior piece provided them the chance to produce a wall that’s about them painting walls. Visuwallise were also granted free reigns projects throughout the Duke Studios building, and even live art such as the ‘Veg Out Festival’ that Sheaf St Cafeteria played host to. Whatever the project, they'll be relying on the mixing wizards and recycled paint from Seagulls Reuse to get the perfect colours to set the tone of whatever they're doing.

Working on everything from Virgin Media communications to a blank office wall canvas they now boast a multitude of engaging clients in the City, including going on to work collectively on Leeds marketing giants Elmwood’s window, delivering our take on ‘Creative Leeds’. They're also involved in initiatives including East St. Art's ‘A City Less Grey’ programme, by bringing to life Art Hostel’s most used room, the toilet.

Visuwallises' Cudbear Street exterior piece

When talking about future ambitions, Visuwallise stated:

"We're currently working on some crisp geometrics for Duke Studios' event space. Eventually Duke Studios will run out of walls so we are keen to branch out and open new doors. We aim to be easily identifiable as the go-to wall artists in Leeds. It’s a city that has given us a lot in terms of opportunity and inspiration, we feel inclined to repay the favour and interpret that wherever we can. We have rejuvenating aims that run parallel to projects such as the South Bank regeneration."

Visuwallise are part of Duke Studios' Mentee programme, a collaboration between Leeds Arts University and Duke Studios. The programme provides recent graduates with a co-working studio space, and up to eight hours of business mentoring per month.

"We recently completed a six month residency at Duke Studios which provided us with the space and support we needed to get our newly established business off the ground."

"The Environment at Duke Studios is great, really positive with good vibes. The staff and other residents are really friendly and engaging.The residency at Duke gave the opportunity to allow our business to grow organically, taking way some of the pressure and financial constraints that would normally limit recent graduates. If you have a good business idea but need the time, space and support to get it off the ground then I'd recommend Duke Studios 100%"

See below for some of their latest work:

Elmwood 8
Elmwood 12

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