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Case Study

Leeds Station

The Yorkshire Hub will provide a step-change in rail capacity and connectivity between Leeds and London. It will strengthen links between Leeds, as one of the largest UK financial and professional services centres outside the capital, and London’s global city activities. HS2 will bring together the city regions centred on Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham into a coherent and integrated economic zone of over ten million people.

HS2 is important in reshaping the south of the city. Its existence will help to mould the design of surrounding developments and help Leeds to receive the maximum social and economic benefits from the scheme.  With HS2 displaying the first high speed rail to go across the UK, the new station design must be designed for the future to accommodate residents, workers and visitors aspirations. 

Proposed plan for Leeds Station

Leeds Station will be ambitious by:

- The design of the station being iconic and helping to put Leeds on the map, responding to its existing heritage whilst providing high quality architecture.

- Creating a city vibe which matches the surrounding environment

- The development of the new station not only providing better connections across the UK, but also provide employment, leisure and retail opportunities

- Providing better public spaces and improved pedestrian access, the station will become a desirable location to visit with a proposed Southern Forecourt creating a thriving city environment

- Transforming surrounding areas which will help to create an active and comfortable environment and improved access to the HS2 station

- Giving an opportunity to build a world class station in the heart of the city centre has the potential to be a key player in driving the northern economy

- Attaching HS2 to the existing Leeds Station, north – south movement will be improved through better-quality pedestrian movement

- Regenerating the Dark Arches and other surrounding streets and providing better east to west connections, creating better local connections to South Bank Leeds and its neighbouring communities.

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