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Case Study

Key Moves: Waterfront & Resilience

The River Aire is one of Leeds largest natural assets, the South Bank Framework Plan aspires to unlock its natural capability by making it a priority destination to all those who live, work and visit Leeds. The River Aire is located on the outskirts of the current city centre and is underused as a natural asset. With current access to the waterfront being limited; the framework aims to reverse this by offering opportunities for leisure and activity along the River Aire.

State of the art flood defences will be integrated into the South Bank to protect Leeds. This will be achieved through innovative methods which will help to make the South Bank a sustainable and safe environment. With the River Aire becoming a focus point of reshaping the city centre, the framework acknowledges the importance of designing the river front in a way where it will become a location for people to spend their free time, but will also be resistant to harsh environments, attracting businesses to the city.  The framework proposes to influence these changes by:

- Doubling the size of the city centre, locating the River Aire in the heart of Leeds.

- Showing innovative options which will help to unlock the River Aire’s full potential and allow the water to be used for a range of activities.

- The waterfront becoming a key component in connecting different parts of the city with new open spaces and pedestrian footpaths being added to enable a more accessible city.

- Creating new places for people to take part in activities or socialise, the increased activity will help build an atmosphere across South Bank making it a desirable destination to work, live and visit.

- Installing overflow opportunities which will transform a risk into an element of the landscape and other flood protection measures into the developments core infrastructure.

P 51  Movement Along  Water

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