Welcome to the South Bank Leeds website. We have ambitious plans to double the size of Leeds city centre, this website aims to provide you with all the information you need to learn about proposals for the 253 hectare regeneration area.


Case Study

Key Moves: Roads, Transport & Access outline

Major changes to the current city centre’s infrastructure will be made enabling people to walk and cycle freely between their destinations. The framework provides detail on the proposals, where different design ideas show how people will be able to pass through the city. Access to all areas within the city centre will be improved by the introduction of new shared pathways and green spaces which act as key means of getting across Leeds. Within the framework, it visualises new buildings which leave a clear cut pedestrian and cycle network. This will combine old and new connections to allow communities and neighbourhood to gain better access to jobs, retail and leisure opportunities within the South Bank. Upgraded pedestrian and cycling access is achieved through the creation of a city boulevard. This is to be achieved by:

- Redirecting traffic around the city centre creating a better pedestrian and cyclist environment whilst improving air quality and reducing traffic.

- Creating a city boulevard road network through the South Bank that is pedestrian and cycle friendly, with a high quality people focused design, traffic calming and increased public transport provision.

- Releasing a new parking strategy where car parks are strategically placed and are supported by new Park and Ride links.

- Increasing the amount of public transport – such as buses, by extending bus routes to this part of the city.

- Creating more cycling and walking routes, to nearby areas and across the waterfront

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