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Case Study

Key Moves: City Centre Park & Public Spaces

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The South Bank area is currently disconnected from the current city centre. This is due to a lack of good quality public space and connections between neighbourhoods and the city centre. The footpaths that are within the city centre need upgrading to provide better connections and safer environments. It is important to make Leeds an attractive city to pass through as it will create a better, safer environment for its users. The introduction of a city park will mean a place where people can come to socialise and take part in a variety of activities. The park will be a main piece of connecting infrastructure allowing people to pass freely to different destinations whilst offering a place to stop for leisure and activity. The framework aims to provide:

- New connections to improve the quality of access through the city centre. This can be achieved through introducing new shared pathways in areas of high footfall which will encourage and allow people to walk and cycle freely across the city.

- The use of modern urban design to help make the streets of Leeds more comfortable to pass through at any time of the day.

- Different types of public spaces creating an environment in which people can feel comfortable within.

- A multi-use park which allows flexibility in uses as the city develops.

- Open spaces which will act as a destination for leisure but will also be vital in connecting the different sections of the city centre.

- Cafes, restaurants and retail venues which will create an inviting, energetic and safe city.

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